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Who we are

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Who we are

Gopalan Organics (Gopalan Enterprises International Pvt. Ltd.) is the international wing of of the well known Gopalan Group, a construction group established in 1984 in Bangalore, India.

The group's new venture Gopalan Organics aims at growing and exporting fresh and dry culinary herbs hygienically, which matches international standards in quality, for the global market.

The farm is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, India covering 120 acres, of which 55 acres are Green Houses and Tunnels.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve the highest level of quality in Organic produce by combining natures best with advance technology. The Idea is to make Gopalan Organics a Brand Par excellence in the Organic Food Industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the industry as the Premier grower, Aggregator and Marketer of branded, quality, greenhouse-grown organic produce in India. We consistently strive to exceed our customers’ expectation through commitment to quality produce and sustainable growing practices.


Gopalan Organics has trained employees to select produce for harvest when it is at an uniform size, colour, and stage of vine-ripeness. We never wax, coat, or artificially-ripen our produce.

Food Safety

Gopalan Organics has adopted Governmental non-mandatory Good Agricultural Practices. This program is modelled after the Euro Food & Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices program.


Gopalan Organics Farms greenhouses are strategically managed so we can guarantee a year-round supply of produce from our facilities.


We use an Integrated Pest Management System (IPM) to naturally control insects. We nourish our plants with nutrient-rich water that we continually recycle and sterilize. Thus, our growing uses less water than field growing and does not erode the soil.

Why to buy from gopalan Organics farms

The quality of food is directly related to the quality of life, so obviously the organic food is going to play an important role in our Life

  • Our produce have natural texture, Organic flavour, and Better quality than chemically grown produce
  • Our produce are free from chemicals, it will avoid the risk of exposure to chemical contaminated foods system
  • Our products are more nutritious than chemically grown
  • It brings health and wellbeing
  • It taste better and reduce the cooking time
  • Our farm are GMO Free zones, as consuming GMOs are a leading cause of slowed brain development, internal organ damage, and a lot of other health issues
  • We practice eco friendly farming methods so that it will improve the quality of soil, air and water
  • We maintain hygienic short supply chain, so that it reduce the risk of contamination
  • We do 365 days of farming, in order to fulfill the needs of organic produce throughout the year