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History of Gopalan Organics

Gopalan Organics has 20 years of experience in Growing, Aggregating and Supplying high-quality Organic Produce. Established in 2000 Gopalan Organics has become one of the most highly regarded organic produce companies in the industry.

We now have 200 people working in our growing area of 200 acres, competently covering all aspects of the business. Every person plays a vital part in ensuring Gopalan Organics continues to move forward whilst being open to change and remain forefront of this demanding industry.

Gopalan Organics grows and markets greenhouse grown, high quality produce throughout India. Our varieties available 365 days a year include a full line of Herbs, Exotic vegetables, Indian vegetables and Fruits.

Gopalan Organics produce is sold throughout India in national chains and local supermarkets.

Gopalan Organics produce is easily recognized by its consistent superior taste, texture and appearance.