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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is organic farming?

Ans : Organic Farming involves a form of cultivation where natural methods of farming, pest control, soil enrichment, and crop improvement are used. All products are derived from plant and animal waste and natural methods like crop rotation and crop cover are used. This method of farming is encouraged to avoid harmful chemicals leaching into the food we eat. To encourage fitness, good eating, reduced harm to the body due to contamination as well as a perceptible enhancement in taste, organic farming has caught on tremendously, worldwide.

Q. 2. Is Gopalan Organics certified? What are the certifications that Gopalan Organics currently have?

Ans : We have been certified by FSSAI, Aditi, India Organics and we are an ISO 9001:2015 company

Q. 3. How are organic vegetables better than ordinarily available vegetables?

Ans : Organic vegetables have been shown to have better nutritional values, apart from a better, more original taste. Also, organic is better for the environment as it doesn't drain natural reserves is more energy-efficient and reduces the chemical levels in water and soil.

Q. 4. How does growing in greenhouse help the crop?

Ans : The greenhouse ensures that the effect of untimely rainfall or excess of the same is minimized. The controlled temperatures in the polyhouse enable the ideal growth conditions for the crop.