Co-farming: A Community Farming Venture

How do we do this together?

Gopalan Co-farming promotes the importance of growing chemical-free vegetables. Our esteemed customers know what they are eating and how it is grown. The message we intend to drive for our children through this initiative is that healthy and tasty food can be grown by using minimum natural resources.

We allocate to you approx 500sq.ft of Certified Organic Farm. With the best agricultural practices in place and experienced farmers to support, you get to be involved in the pleasure of growing your own food and becoming a part of a Healthy Revolution.

We believe there is no single method which we can say is best for improving soil health and fertility, hence we use the best set of various natural farming principles in our approach. We follow age-old mixed cropping and crop rotation techniques, Waste Decomposer, Panchagavya, Jeevamruth, and Neem leaves/cakes.

Grow Your Own Vegetables & Herbs!

For more information call: +91 8049314961

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